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Hello, stay-at-home mommy’s, daddy’s, wives and  husbands!

This website is created for ALL of you, who are trying to break internet world and make money online. I named this web page in honor of all great stay-at-home-moms just because I am one of them. Otherwise, this page is meant for literally everyone, who are fed-up with boring and much hated days on a job that doesn’t bring you any joy. Just paycheck. And you know what? Paycheck to paycheck life is not all you deserve and definitely not the limit of your life!

I will tell you how to start an online business from home while being a full-time mom.





How did I stumble upon affiliate marketing?


I have been stay-at-home-mom for nearly 3 years now. It’s all great, but sometimes I feel stuck. Finances are not that great when there is only 1 person working for all of us. Now when my son is in school, I would have more time to get out there, find a job (in a factory or warehouse probably, with my education and experience, this is a top shelf for me). IF I wasn’t pregnant and with that “tied” to my house life for another couple of years. It’s NOT a bad thing, I do love “working” for my family, I very much prefer it over slaving in someone else’s company. But as I said- money is tight. That is why I have looked for opportunities online and I BELIEVE that there really are genuine ways to work online and be independent.


How did I end up with my own website?


One of my New Years resolutions this year was to start writing a blog. But it took me this long (it’s October now, it’s almost time for a NEW New year’s resolution) because of fear of unknown and, of course, the oldest story on the internet- scams! I have made mistakes before, yes, so this has made me very cautious about spending money on anything new, including education. But I was ready for this adventure, and I am so glad I made this step!

As I had planted this seed in my mind of creating a blog , I did my research, looked for information on what is what, nothing made much sense. It gets a tiny bit better over time, yes, BUT it is all million times easier and more productive if you have some help and guidance from someone, who knows what they are doing- unlike me. While going trough blog after blog, google search after google search, I was lucky to find Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s basically a learning platform for starting your very OWN online business (in a longer term), at first it would serve as a great place to learn everything about online and affiliate world, helping to create a website and so on, IF you are as unfamiliar with all online underground as I am, but if you have some or a lot of experience, then obviously money making will happen a lot faster for you.


Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? 


Don’t get confused here with scams and empty promises about getting rich quick and earning easy your first million. confusionForget about it! There is no such thing (just like losing weight fast and easy, by the way)!!! If you want to make money online it IS possible, but there is no way it will happen straight away and without any effort!

I look at Wealthy Affiliate as an online university. You follow the courses, read every  tutorial, watch video walk-through’s and at the end of each course, there is a list of tasks to be done and ticked-off. What is there “not a university” about Wealthy Affiliate? And learning is made easy, understandable and very much manageable on your own even without any experience about an online world, creating websites, affiliate marketing and so on.


What you gain if you join Wealthy Affiliate? 


In one word- knowledge!

But if you want more detail than I have to say there are so many benefits to try this platform out and give it a chance without spending a penny, you are losing nothing. This is for anyone- complete online newbie like myself as well as experienced bloggers, freelancers, marketers, you name it. wa_starter_350x350

With free membership you get:

  • courses,
  • webinars,
  • videos,
  • step-by-step guides,
  • keyword tools,
  • 2 free websites & hosting,
  • support on every step
  • and.. well I have to say this again- KNOWLEDGE that will hep you achieve freedom and independence.


And you know what I find to be the best part? This amazing community I have never seen anywhere else online. People are ridiculously friendly and happy to help anytime with anything at all. There are thousands of discussions where you can find topics that interest you and can answer your questions as well as live chat that is available 24/7. Every person is there for you to help you grow! You will never be alone within Wealthy Affiliate community! Even Kyle and Carson (co-founders) personally are  there to support you! I cannot recommend this program enough.


Here is a link to my personal Wealthy Affiliate profile and, if you sign-up, I will be there to help and support you with anything you need to get rolling.



Starter membership VS. Premium membership




  • Starter membership is $0.00
  • Premium membership for the first month is $19.00 if you register during first 7 days of your sign-up
  • Follow up membership each month is $49.00
  • Yearly membership is $359.00


I know one thing. 


The more I use it, the more I LOVE it. I would never ever be able to progress at this speed on my own (even now I think I am slow at this, because I have all the resources at the reach of a hand, but I just don’t have enough time), there is no way I could figure out all the tricks without being a computer genius or very experienced online business owner. I am in LOVE with Wealthy Affiliate!


Do your own research!


If you have doubts- just like I had, do your research. I was skeptical about this, of course, and didn’t want to be impulsive and jump right in, I tried to find some bad reviews about this program, can’t say I succeeded there.

I took my time, but sign-up membership is $0.00 anyway, what was there to loose? I registered and after only 4 days, I had so much faith in this, that I decided to buy a Premium membership, but you can have your starter membership as long as.. forever if you want.

People like you and me are the best indicator in any area whether this or that product works or not, so after you have Googled and looked for positive or negative reviews from “outside”, I also want to share a review page from within Wealthy Affiliate for you to check out and see what members think of this program. Real people, real feedback from inside. If they wouldn’t love it or didn’t find it useful, they wouldn’t be there (Kyle and Carson are not aiming a gun at me too at this moment, I am writing this on my own will).

You can cancel your membership any time if you decide that this is not your thing, no strings attached, no questions asked. But give it a chance. Give yourself a chance!

Thank you for your time and interest! 


You can get started here!




Please, feel free to share any comments, suggestions, and experience below!

6 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Having recently made the decision to be a full time stay at home daddy, I was really interested to read about this. Whilst I love my new found time it’s my girls, finances are an issue so to have myself a project that I can do between having tea parties and fishing hair clips out of my pockets is fantastic. Will definitely look into this. Thanks for the info 🙂

    1. Being a stay-at-home parent is definitely something irreplaceable, but we have to be able to support all those tea parties with some real money, that’s for sure! Good luck, Jimmythepint. 🙂

  2. Hi Monta,
    I am so happy to hear you finally found your way to accomplishing your New Year’s resolution (it’s still the same year lol ). You know how they say, better ever than never!
    I wish you much success and thank you for presenting my favorite online platform in the world 🙂
    As a Wealthy Affiliate member myself, I can only claim everything you have written here. I like your writing style, though; I can see you writing a blog with some beautiful fairy tales after you finish your Bootcamp training 🙂 Keep in touch.


  3. Hello Monta,
    I just want to say that I am so proud of you. It takes confidence and strength of personality to make a move into the unknown and inexperience. Very INFORMATIVE review, you left no stone unturned. I wish you much success in this your new venture.

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